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We can turn an ugly old Basement into a Fantastic New Living Space.
Dormers are a great addition to buld in more space and allow in more natural light.
Sometimes a quick simple remodel can add more beauty and Value..
A well planned addition can completly change your homes livability.

Wm. R. Thompson's Go Ahead Carpentry is passionate about helping our clients turn their remodeling dreams into reality. We are innovative, skilled, seasoned  master carpenters who specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels, whole house remodels and custom home additions. Wm. R. Thompson's Go Ahead Carpentry transforms our clients' lives by transforming their living spaces.  Schedule a free consultation with us today.

REMODELING - Wm. R. Thompson's Go Ahead Carpentry provides quality construction services for remodels, additions, restoration and construction. Turn your dreams into a reality.

ADDITIONS - Whether a second story addition, a kitchen or bath expansion, or a basement conversion, a home addition by Wm. R. Thompson's Go Ahead Carpentry will help you create a “new” home by adding strategically and tastefully to your existing house.

DORMERS - Dormers are one of the best ways to expand the living space in your home. You may wonder exactly what they are? People use the term dormer to refer to different things: a converted upper-level room; a horizontal extension of a converted room; or a window in the room itself.  A good way to recognize a dormer is to look at the pitch of a roof, and whenever you see any gabled windows rise from its surface, you are observing a dormer at work. With fourty years in the construction business, Wm. R. Thompson's Go Ahead Carpentry has built just about every type of dormer you can imagine. We have encountered all types of structures and challenges. So don't trust your home to just any builder with a license. Experience and reputation are much more important. It takes years of experience to be able to be considered an expert and an expert is who you want to hire to construct your dormer. So call Wm. R. Thompson's Go Ahead Carpentry today to get started on the dormer project you have been imagining.

BASEMENTS - Basement remodeling is a great way to add space for your family and utility to your home. Whether you’re adding a laundry room, bedroom, or entire accessory dwelling unit, the carpenters at Wm. R. Thompson's Go Ahead Carpentry will bring building expertise, precision, and care to your project. Many old basements have aging furnaces, pipes, wires, and structural elements that need improvement and updating. Our home performance and building experts can help you harness your basement conversion to increase the comfort, efficiency, and safety of your house.

Complimentary in-home Consultation - There’s one perfect place to define your needs and desires of a remodeling job and that's in your home! We’ll come to your home and help you make the right choices that fit your home, your family, and your lifestyle. It’s easy! Call us at (262) 554-0424 or use our convenient online form to schedule an in home consultation. We’ll help you make the right decisions to fulfill your dreams and meet your budget. We’ll discuss all aspects of the installation with you. We do make it easy.

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